I am including 2 sequences from my storyboards for “The Tick”. I feel they are the closest I have come to real visual direction; as Ben Edland gave us incredible leeway to do all the shots and camera work the way we wanted. I not only feel that it still holds up, but I am extremely proud of the work.

I have included the entirety of the segments for continuity's sake, and, because I am not providing you a hard copy, this format gives me the opportunity to present the whole sequence. Please feel free to browse through as much or as little of the work as you feel you need to. I've tried to create the interface so you can flip through rather quickly, or review the material as closely as you like. I've cleaned the pages up as much as possible to enhance the readability. I would be happy to provide any other storyboard work you would like to see, but all of it IS only in hard copy, so I would have to mail you a package, or scan it and post it here, whichever you prefer.

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I have also included some of my penciled comic book pages, as I feel they represent a type of drawing closer to the kind of content I would be doing for you, as well as providing more examples of my storytelling style. I hope you enjoy them.